A mix of a young and an experienced team yields the best results

We are true believers that not only experience is needed when trying to project future outcomes. With the correct blend of a young and a veteran mindset, one can find the balance needed to better react to new developments and anticipate the future.

What We Do

We breathe, live and focus only on analyzing businesses and writing research reports. We do not provide any other type of financial services that may affect our transparency. We are fully aware that being independent is not only a path to good quality report but also to attending the best interest of our clients. Independence, Transparency and Digital are our three pillars that will never be broken.

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What We Offer

Our intention is to offer guidance & information for our clients to navigate the markets. From access to all of our equity research report database to receiving the best international stock ideas we come across, or why not both and be fully informed? We have a very attractive pricing structure that takes into consideration every market participants. Smaller investors should not be charged loads of money for being well informed. 

Our Plans

About Us

Rudolph Ihns

Co-Founder of GEM Research

Mr. Ihns is a Senior consultant and the co-founder of GEM Research. Mr. Ihns has a mechanical engineering degree from UFRJ in Rio de Janeiro and a MBA from University of Florida. Mr. Ihns has more than 30 years of experience in the financial area of Multinationals and Brazilian listed companies. He was the CFO of companies in Brazil and Germany and also held executive position in an US Company. These companies where Mr. Ihns worked were in the segment of Power Generation, Mining, IT and Oil & Gas.

Paulo Pita

Founder of GEM Research

Mr. Pita is the founder of GEM Research. Mr. Pita holds a bachelor of business administration, a Master in Finance degree from EADA Business School and is a CFA Level 2 Candidate. Mr. Pita has over 6 years of experience in the markets. Prior work experience includes investment banks, investment funds and corporate finance in different countries.

Santiago Grain

Analyst at GEM Research

Santiago Grain is an analyst at GEM Research. He has a degree in Accounting and a Master in Finance from EADA Business School. Mr. Grain has over 4 years of experience as an accountant in Argentinian companies. Has expertise in financial analysis and business administration.