How we work and process

How we work

How we work and process

Our Work

Fundamental Analysis

We value the historical fundamentals of the company to get a better picture of how it operates and its operational trends. Not only crunching numbers but also trying to understand what they represent and what to expect from them is a key factor when projecting the future.

Qualitative Analysis

Knowing key stakeholders and what a company does is only one part of our qualitative work. To understand how a business operates, one has to know about its industry standards, the competitive advantages of the brand, future industry developments, the technology impact, perform matrix studies, among others.


All our work is digital based. Knowing that mobile devices and computers are part of our daily lives, we make it simple for our clients to access every content, anywhere. No need for email inbox checking, by logging into their accounts, one can simply find every single piece of content produced by GEM Research.

Updated Regularly

We always try to update all of our equity research reports as soon as earnings reports are out or an unexpected event has occurred. It may take a day or some weeks to have every single content updated, but we make our own rule to never let a month pass without having everything up to date.

Clean & Easy to read

One of the main issues about equity research reports are its extensive reading content that may impede clients from grasping the material. It goes without saying that one should never invest in something that he/she does not understand. We make our case to provide a substantial research material but at the same time easy to digest.

Research for everyone

Our research material is meant to be used by as many individuals as possible. Due to our accessible pricing, many may think that our clients are only individual investors but we hope to help other important market navigators such as professional investors or institutions. It’s a great tool to have when searching for that great stock idea that you were looking for and just needed a hint to find it.

Our Process

  • First step

    First and mostly important we need a good idea or a reason to choose a specific company to analyze. It can be an important multinational company or an emerging business that has all the quality to become an important player. We are also open to hear new ideas from clients and if there are enough requests, our client’s ideas come first! When our target company is chosen we proceed to the next step.

  • Second step

    Collecting, processing and analyzing is the next step. We consider the fundamentals of the companies to be the foremost important element to analyze and not be biased by rumors surrounding the company. After numbers are collected, processed and effectively analyzed we can move on to the qualitative analysis part, which is not less important.

  • Third step

    As we fully analyze the company, we proceed to reach the final conclusions and calculate future scenarios. With all the necessary data on hand, the next step is to populate our proprietary ranking model. Our final verdict is reached and the target company receives a rating that can be from 1 GEM (least valuable) to 5 GEMs (most valuable).

  • Fourth step

    We are digital and that’s what we will always be. The final equity research report is uploaded on the online platform and becomes accessible to our clients. Whenever earnings are released or an unexpected event occurs that may change our valuation of the target company we intend to update the reports as soon as possible. Markets are very fast to react to changes and we have no intention of leaving our clients navigate them alone.