See some examples of our work

Sample Research

See some examples of our work

Our Research

What we want to provide to our clients is exactly what we would like to have when making our own investment decisions. It’s important to know that fundamental analysis and the value investing methodology is an important part of our work and we consider it to be the best tool to find the real value of a stock. Our products main goal is to provide financial knowledge at an inexpensive price.


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

We present our daily Work

The main objective of our reports is to guide investors when taking difficult investment decisions by providing substantial information that can be acted upon. We are conscient that understanding a company’s operations might take plenty of time and it’s important to have a financial background to implement an effective analysis. Taking that into consideration we make our case to deliver a clean and substantial report that will provide our own independent analysis on companies that we cover.

Before making any decision in regard to acquiring our products we would like to provide visitors with examples of what constitutes our daily work. Below you will find 3 example reports that simulates what a client from GEM Research would be able to access when logged in into their account. Keep in mind that we will always try to enhance our reports so that it fits our clients’ needs. For only 75 euros, clients can login in their own accounts and access more than 60 independent equity research reports. Every week we will be increasing our coverage with more equity reports for our clients.

Our Reports