UPM’s shares already increased over 15%!


We would never think that a Finnish company would be one of our best picks, but since we started covering the company, it has risen over 15%. For those who don’t know the company, it produces biofuels, biochemicals as well as forest products, such as paper, pulp, timber and its derivatives. It has operations on over 12 countries and sales of over 10 billion euros per year!

Innovation and technology are key drivers and principles in the daily activity of the firm. It also has great fundamentals and strong margins. The latest results were quite impressive, and it has been moving the shares upward. The dividends that the company pays is another important factor we liked the stock and gave it a strong 4/5 GEMs rating.

In our first report on UPM, we valued the share at 33.58 EUR, when it was trading at only 26.12. In February we issued a second report with a new fair value, quite close to our prior report. Do you want to know our current opinion on this marvelous opportunity? Sign up now and for only 25 euros you will gain access to a great variety of content!

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